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  1. It would be interesting to see if the one I did in 2012 still works, it uses wild cards for byte pattens so if not too much has changed with the online check it might still work http://team-rept.com/index.php?crk=releases&cracker=Departure
  2. good job JohnWho, One thing I notice is programs like this never change much but instead add new "watermarks" or serial routines ect... what worked a few years ago still works today but added "protection". the original code never changes just added content. great idea for a tester forum as I know its easy to replicate something that worked before but unaware of new "features" of the program.
  3. awesome work DE! :)
  4. DE!'s keygen algo works fine with current version, the 30+ patches included using wild cards should make this work for all future versions, Problem is I feel there is something still missing that needs be patched, DES did a great job and I can see he spent a lot of time patching. Saying that there is still work to be done on this and reduce the amount of patches. Also Big thanks to Popeyes~XU for awesome Keygen template, Hopefully he can make a new one for future releases. @Saduff My fault I totally forgot to rename the form title after removing the title bar.
  5. Unfortantly while the tutorial did explain parts of the Eliptic curve it did not really cover current versions of Tune Up utilities, Hence the reason DE! spent many days even weeks keygening this new algo
  6. Hehe Welcome back DE!, Unfortunately I have returned back to work today, So it will be another month before I can come back and play, But now that your back it has given me incentive to visit the forum more frequently
  7. Big thanks to DE! for his keygen algo, and thanks DAS for the time spent analyzing & patching ;)
  8. good job jagged, your keygenning skills have greatly improved over the last few months, keep it up mate.
  9. @DimitarSerg then send us the retail version and we will keygen it .....
  10. Excellent job DE!, will download when I get home
  11. check the delphi folder for sys.dcu i think it was, there will also be a file called sys.dcu.bak this is the original, it should be about 12-14kb the infected one is 18kb if I remember correctly, the worm was a proof of concept so it actually backed up the original, just delete the sys.dcu and rename the sys.dcu.bak then recompile your projects(all of them)
  12. Nice work mrcas,
  13. Tip... Convert the generated Hex string serial to a ascii String lol.... I know I shouldn't have but otherwise it would be a boring keygen..... http://www.dolcevie.com/js/converter.html <--- incase you don't have a convertor
  14. Name: PC Utilities Pro Multi Keygen +2 Manufacturer: http://www.pcutilitiespro.com/ Protection: Serial Release Type: Keygen Author: Departure/REPT Info: Multi Keygen +2 Optimizer Pro Driver Pro Read description in app site... Usage: Install the program. Then use our keygen to generate a valid license. http://distro.0777.ir/RePT/2012/10.October/PC.Utilities.Pro.Keygen-REPT.zip
  15. nice but your keygen is meesed up on my Windows XP,the text is set to a white font and the white background of the editbox makes it hard to see, you need to highlight to see the text, also the same when entering name... Will you be keygening "Easy Proxy Finder" also? and one other question.... are you using free pascal or something? its seems very large (1.5mb) for a form without and images ect..