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  1. dear Ethereal sorry for disturbing you my friend i got these errors while using your patch bro this one when i try to recover to get size of file this one when trying to recover and this one too with endless messages still didn't work with me
  2. Dear DE! please help me i know its such an embarrassing request please we need a new copy of DMDE.v3.Kgn most of us need this program DE! could you help us please
  3. Hi DE! Dear DE! i tried to patch almost all versions of DMDE 3.0 , 3.04 , 3.06 , 3.2 but all have same error , when i tried to get size of file or recover it i got the above error , many versions i have tried but all the same please i really need this program could you please make sure of this issue , thank you master
  4. sorry master but every time i try to get size of any file or recovering anything i got this message