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  1. Still waiting for fixing x64 bit .........
  2. Yes, x32 bit works fine
  3. Tnx again but x64 bit has some issues: SBIE1401 Configuration file not found, using defaults SBIE1101 Sandboxie driver (SbieDrv) version 5.14 initialized SBIE9234 Service startup error level 9362 status=00000001 error=1
  4. I think you cracked the License file in x86 bit, Can you crack this one too?
  5. Thanks again for your release but today I got this:
  6. Here it is but this version is beta, It is better to crack latest stable version: http://forums.sandboxie.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=23084
  7. tnx for your release but why you didn't crack the latest version as x64 bit v5.13.5? This is 5.12 ...
  8. Any mirror for this keygen? can not download it ...........
  9. May I have the Keygen? or is it possible someone keygen this for me?
  10. Great
  11. Great work
  12. Thanks
  13. Great release. Thank you very much
  14. Great job. tnx
  15. Great release, But a keygen would be nice.