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  1. CDRoller 10.1 Homepage: http://www.cdroller.com Download patch: https://cloudup.com/files/i_uUWVGoR6v/download Info:
  2. This one was genned years ago!
  3. Bulk Image Downloader 4.83 Homepage: http://bulkimagedownloader.com/ Download patch: https://cloudup.com/files/iNYGyYJloAh/download
  4. Someone with a Win7 system please test this, thanks.
  5. Seems people are having problems with the thread injection approach so i have made a normal loader, links updated! Action.exe is not packed, but many of their other .exe/.dll files is VMProtected and they crc check eachother so i decided to create a loader.
  6. Mirillis Action! Info: The serial which has been working for previous versions seems blacklisted now so i decided to release this loader which also enable you to use the program if you have been blocked by Mirillis! Homepage: https://mirillis.com/en/ Download loader: https://cloudup.com/files/ik0nx0b-rKl/download
  7. Nice :) You should search on warez sites like http://forum-andr.net/http://www.rlslog.net/ to avoid cracking already cracked software :)
  8. Universal SQL Editor Homepage: http://mingsoftware.com/UniversalSQLEditor/overview.html Download patch: https://cloudup.com/files/i3QPuqVXZAp/download
  9. AS3 Sorcerer 3.0 Homepage: http://www.as3sorcerer.com/ Download patch: https://cloudup.com/files/iujtXaMQ4SX/download
  10. Web Stream Recorder 2015 v3.0 Build 2097 Homepage: http://www.bolidesoft.com/ Download patch: https://cloudup.com/files/iFlS3lzwzaV/download
  11. Movenizer 7.2 Build 431 Homepage: http://www.movienizer.com/ Download patch: https://cloudup.com/files/i4Tn480OUTI/download
  12. Bolide Movie Creator 2.2 Homepage: http://www.bolidesoft.com/movie-creator.html Download patch: https://cloudup.com/files/iBwfdfbl36b/download
  13. ManyCam Enterprise Homepage: http://manycam.com/ Download patch: https://cloudup.com/files/iHqwWzkHFxI/download
  14. Spacial SAMCAST Pro 2014.7 Homepage: http://spacial.com/sam-cast Download patch: https://cloudup.com/files/imMoiZmjeeE/download
  15. Thanks for the feedback