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  1. make a tutorial is good.
  2. keygenning tutorial will be nice for learn.
  3. hi, can you make a tut on how to keygen it.
  4. If i remeber, this software can be fish the serial.
  5. how do you fight out 64-bit version? which debugger did you use? ida pro or x64_dbg?
  6. OK, first this is themida packed. I was debugged some themida packed stuffs before, so don't know if this cased. I was downloaded setup file from official and installed on my X64 Win 7 Ultimate, then overwrited cracked instead of original exe, then run cracked, it still show me unregistted status. so don't know any reason, maybe the problem of previously themida hooked my os, and left any tracky on my computer or maybe not crack properly or maybe none-English os related.
  7. I don't know why not working on my x64 win 7 ultimate?
  8. team-rept cracking machine rocks.
  9. did you try notepad++ instead? freeware always.
  10. can you possible crack smart whois?
  11. tutorial is must, why I load in od, F9 start run it terminated?
  12. nice to hear Team FFF's Keygen still work at 5.00
  13. awesome work, other fine relaese.