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  1. Yours is 3.5.1, mine is 3.5.2. So this not not already cracked (not this version)
  2. How To use our Release. Download Link
  3. http://www.remoteprofilecleaner.com/learn-more Download Patch: (With Team-REPT & Protection!) http://rghost.net/private/68Xtpc9rM/91b994cbc8e80f36d077c93af4eab2ff
  4. Great job man! Awesome first release! Its always nice to see new talent, keep up the great work! And if you ever need help on anything just hit me up.
  5. If you would like i can translate it to C# and compile it for you. (You will have to release it as it is your keygen)
  6. Name: 1Password Manufacturer: © 2014 AgileBits Inc. All rights reserved. Homepage: https://agilebits.com/onepassword/win Packer: None License Type: Serial Release type: Patcher Usage: Download:
  7. Name: NIStune - Realtime ECU Tuning Manufacturer: ©2014 NIStune Developments Pty Ltd Homepage: nistune.com Packer: None License Type: Serial Release type: Keygen/Patcher Usage: Download:
  8. delete this key
  9. Yes my keygen patches that ;) Working 100%
  10. you can find it here http://team-rept.com/index.php?crk=releases&cracker=Exidous
  11. @ doping, my keygen still works :D
  12. Try this: http://rghost.net/private/52949801/5ec01a404925970014764749effae512
  13. How To use our Release Download Link
  14. ya, i quit doing this software. they update a lot.
  15. Note Loader requires .NET framework 4.0