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    • Master Mind

      How to Request ?   06/26/2012

      [* Crack Search Result *] Are you sure ? you already search before posting tell us where you search it.   [* Program Name *] Tell us the name and version of the program   [* Target URL *] put a direct link to download your target, single click download would be easier :) Don, t use server like this where you first need to register after downloading is Start.   [* Website *] put a link to the website of the program.   [* Protection *] protection is very important for talent, there are many tools made by many team for this purpose. Here are some tool download and scan it, and also tell us in which tool you scan it.   1- (Rdg) http://rdgsoft.8k.com   2- (exeinfo) http://www.exeinfo.antserve.com/   3- (PotectionID) http://protectionid.owns.it/   [* File Size *] tell us the orignal size of target program   [* Limitation *] do you know limitation mean? For example the program work for how many days? and after that the program says what? without register how many option is disabled, and whether it shows a nag screen if so, show us where the nag screen is located   Request Note: Demo is not allowed, the demo is not a fully functional. it's just a example from the owner. and talent Don, t code the things of original program for you   [* Registration method *] Tell us about the program requires what for registration?   [* Description *] Write briefly the program uses.   [* 0S Platform *] Under which Operating System does the program work?   [* Comment *] Some good lines for talent, if you do not know how to do it. Just say thanks to everyone who looks your request. note that many crackers from different teams come here. it might not be appropriate to just thank TeaM RePT, though this forum is friendly   Note: Without REPT crack request template, or a invalid one, your request go to the trash. Don't bump your request else you risk a ban.
    • Master Mind

      Rules Must Read   11/12/2012

      Welcome to our forum :)   to become a register member here you should post what you want to register at our forum we want a active contribution from you so tell us why you come here ? for learning purpose or sharing purpose You must demonstrate the will to share your experience with us get help from the other and help the others to improve their knowledge and this community at large   Second what skills you have ? if you are cracker or requester don,t hesitate to tell us where you come from ?   and finally some line for our team



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